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  • I too am telling our Execs that, at this time, too much political uncertainty remains to warrant factoring Tax Reform or even Tax Cuts into our 2017 Projections ...

  • I've just been keeping them informed of any major proposals that might affect or company (i.e border adjustment, disallowance of Mortgage deduction (we ...

  • ​I hope you have made plans for the AC in Toronto.  If you are there I would like to meet at some time.  Please review prior minutes --any new ideas, thoughts?  ...

  • ​ I wanted to put an item on the agenda for the next EC call and also for the EC meeting in October.  We want to discuss e stablishing a permanent Diversity ...

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  • Congressman Adrian Smith from Nebraska's 3rd District and Member of the House Ways & Means Committee

    ​We are excited to announce that our first speaker will be Congressman Adrian Smith from Nebraska's 3rd District.  Congressman Smith is a member of the House Ways & Means Committee and will be speaking on Tax Reform.  The meeting begins at 11:00, followed ... more