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  • Adding an attachment as my embedded link does not appear to have worked. ------------------------------ David Gillman Vice President - Tax Telephone & Data Systems, ...

  • Curious as to whether the IL constitution's permissible corporate to individual rate ratio of 8 to 5 warrants any advocacy attention from TEI.   Potential for IL ...

  • Due to the high volume of email generated from our community, some ESPs incorrectly identify the email as spam. While we do everything possible to ensure strong ...

  • Back in 2006, we received an IDR (from the employment tax specialist) to provide W-2s for various corporate officers (which would include their SSNs).  While we ...

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  • Obituary Information for Marcy Miller (former Chicago TEI Chapter Officer and Tax Executive)

    On behalf of current and former officers of the Chicago Chapter, we are sorry to announce the news that our tax colleague and friend, Marcy Miller, passed away on January 16, 2020. Her positive and loving spirit will be greatly missed. Obituary information: Marcella ... more